I am a PhD Candidate in Economics at the Chair of Public and Behavioral Economics at the JGU Mainz, currently visiting UC San Diego from April to June 2022. To learn more about me, please check out my CV or my research.


I am interested in behavioral and experimental research, development economics and models of individual decision making. I am specifically interested in communication, cooperation, learning and time-allocation decisions.

Working Papers

Work in Progress

  • Choosing the Pen or the Sword? Communication as an Endogenous Institutional Choice in Public Goods Games
    Job Market Paper Draft available upon request
  • Behavioural Time Allocation
    (joint work with N. Witzig)
  • Statistical Learning in Hybrid Systems
    (joint work with J. Disselhoff, D. Schunk, M. Wand)



  • Behavioral Public Policy Seminar
  • Bounded Rationality Seminar
  • Communication: Nothing but Cheap Talk? Seminar
  • Principles of Public Economics Tutorial
  • Mathematics for Economists Pre-semester Course
  • Studies and Research in Economics Lecture


  • Inequality Seminar and Bachelor Theses
  • Economic Preferences of Children and Adolescents Seminar and Bachelor Theses
  • Academic Writing Tutorial


Alexander Dzionara